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(yep it's singular!)
we play a lot and enjoy life.


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We're a small creative studio based in the beautiful Sardinia, Italy. We create simple, clear and effective web products that work.

Our work is our big passion and that's why we always start new projects with a lot of enthusiasm, with the main goal of developing great projects and making our clients completely satisfied.


I'm a graphic designer, I love to design everything: websites, mobile applications and print products as well.

I'm totally in love with colours and lighting that makes everything glow and shine and I always try to use the power of colours in each project I'm working on.

Creating new worlds where everything is possibile is magic: that's why one of my personal projects I'm working on is a 3D short movie.

Stay tuned!


I started coding when I was 12, with my first computer, a Commodore 64.

At that time I really used to love videogames (and I definitely still do) but in the early 80's in my home town (Praia a Mare, a small town in the south of Italy) it was quite difficult getting any of them, that's why I started learning how to code and writing my own ones.

From that moment onward I understood that coding was my natural way of approaching new technologies and I never turned back.

Why Tornobambino? (Child Again)

A lot of people ask us why our company name is tornobambino. Let us explain!

Have you ever looked at a child while he's playing? His mind is completely locked on what he's doing, determined and so inspired: in a second he's inside a brand new world and then it's more than a game, it's real life.

That's exactly what happens to us while we're working: when the workflow starts, the play can begin.

Please take a peek at our playful promo. Enjoy!


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